We are embarking on an era of unprecedented numbers of people entering retirement. Most are planning to purchase an RV and travel in their retirement years. As this phenomenon occurs, there will be growing demand for space availability and decreasing ability of RV parks to accommodate Non-Member visitors. With an Osprey Point RV Resort membership you have year round access to the resort and the ability to add hundreds of RV resorts nationwide plus Canada and Mexico.

Membership Benefits

As a private RV MEMBERSHIP RESORT we are dedicated to providing members with exceptional Oregon Coast vacation experiences and unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. The affiliates AOR, ROD Plus/CTC, RPI Preferred, and Coast Deluxe offer prime locations that connect members to great fishing, hunting, boating, water skiing, hiking, swimming, golf, or just relaxing. To become a member of Osprey Point RV Resort or to add affiliates to your current Osprey Point membership, Call or e-mail our Osprey Point representative: 541-759-2801 or ospreypointsales@hotmail.com.

  • Total RV Membership Packages, as much or as little as you want.
  • Pricing dependent upon affiliates chosen and benefits selected.
  • Current Osprey Point member affiliate upgrades available.
  • Something for every age group

Member Referral Program

Current members can earn “FREE DUES” by referring folks to Osprey Point to look at the membership, if they become members you will receive:

  • First new member entitles you to one year “free” dues.
  • Second new member, another year “free” dues.
  • Third new member gives you “free dues for your life time”.

What a great way to introduce others to Osprey Point and earn free dues at the same time.